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Projects & Exhibitions

Hatchery Artists International 2022

Artnuary(January) Creative Challenge 2022 – Finding artist voice (and believing in it) An artwork a day throughout the month

Leicester Print Workshop. Introduction to print workshop participant – sessions led by Sumiko Eadon – September 2021 and February 2022

The Armitt Gallery, Ambleside. Collage like Kurt Schwitters: Family art workshop leader – August 2021

Normal Service Will Be Resumed – Hatchery Artists exhibition at Dragonfly Gallery, Norfolk – June 2021

Normal Service Will Be Resumed – Hatchery Artists exhibition at Artcore Gallery Derby – May 2021

Hatchery Too – Arts Council England funded community of multidisciplinary artists – October 2020 to May 2021

The Hatchery 2020 – a group of self-directed residencies allowing individual artists to challenge themselves whether that be in searching out a new direction, in generally developing as an artist or in finding different ways of working and thinking.

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists – Prize Exhibition 2020

Derby Quad – Self Portrait – Open call exhibition of small biographical art works by Derbyshire based or born artists – 2019/20

Creative Groups UK – set up in conjunction with Dion Lindsay. A toolkit and workshops for use by organisations, teams and individuals to unlock skills and creativity:

Ad Hoc Art 30 day challenge – a commitment from a series of groups to create an artwork for 30 days in a row and share via WhatsApp. The aim was to make art a habit and part of the daily routine.

University of Liverpool degree module: History of art.

After Lockdown: HUT – A project based on a humble shed to capture audio and video to reflect my personal relationship with this space and it’s history and it’s place in the world today. This works as a focus for conversations with other artists either in person or online. The act of sharing this visual material with one person at a time combined with the ensuing conversation will become a necessary way to present this work.

University of the Third Age – Contemporary Art Subject Adviser

In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting. The Museum of Modern Art, New York – Online course via Coursera 2020/2021