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David is an interdisciplinary artist working with words, photography, painting and drawing.

His art projects and research have taken up questions of authenticity, creativity and innovation and looked at the nature of work and social relationships with particular reference to conversations and collaboration.

His art employs paint, mixed media, digital, photography, words, video and sound. His research has involved groups and individuals participating in workshops, conversation and collaboration and creating online exhibitions.

What People Say

David is an enthusiastic and engaging artist. His background in business stands him in good stead to develop projects in the social practice arena

Linda Duvall – Canada-based visual and media artist.

David’s work is very impressive and contemporary – would fit in with many real art exhibitions. They are very fresh and original – love them.

Andrew Macara – contemporary figurative artist.

The Ad Hoc Art Business Plan is very impressive and ambitious. You cover a lot of territory. I think your approach to creativity is very empowering and likely to yield positive results

John Devane – figurative painter and printmaker, Professor of Painting at RBSA; Professor of Painting at Coventry University.
In these times when many things familiar to us all are blurred and often out of reach it is important that artists such as David continue to create the virtual and physical Hut that he presents here. The more Huts we have the better we can re-connect to the vital fluids of art.
John Newling – Nottingham based pioneer of public art with a social purpose.